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Separator HEPA Filter

      ※ Media:Wet-laid glass fiber     
      ※ Frame:Extruded aluminum,Galvanized steel    
      ※ Separator: paper or aluminum.       
      ※ Low initial resistance with high efficiency at rated volume     
      ※ Easy installation and guaranteed sealing performance     
      ※ Leakage testing by unit before leaving factory and provide testing report   
      ※ Efficiency:H11(EN1822),≥95% @ MPPS  ≥99% @ 0.3um      
                             H13(EN1822),≥99.95% @ MPPS  ≥99.99% @ 0.3um      
                             H14(EN1822),≥99.995% @ MPPS  ≥99.999% @ 0.3um  
       ※ The filter shall be approved by UL Classified    
       ※ Recommended final Pressure drop:600Pa       

Operating conditions: 
       ※ Temperature:≤70℃       
       ※ Humidity:≤100%RH       

      ※ HEPA filters are used for terminal filtration in environments and industries requiring 
           extremely high level levels of cleanliness, e.g., electronics and semiconductor 
           manufacturing, precision machinery, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, food processing,

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